Eliminate your electric bill
with clean solar energy

Eliminate your electric bill with
clean solar energy

See if solar is right for you

Smart investment

Our solar panel systems can reduce your electric bill by 100%
and make your meter spin backwards as you sell
electricity back to your utility.

Solar pays for itself

A solar panel system can immediately add $20,000 to
the value of your home
.Without solar, your average
electricity costs could be as high as $50,000, or higher,
over the next 25 years.

Welcome to
RegEn Solar

RegenEn Solar is a solar installer with a mission to provide state of the art renewable energy for residential and commercial establishments.

By having a solar power system installed, you can decrease your carbon footprint, greatly reduce your utility costs, and increase your property value!

Solar power is a lot cheaper than most people think. Contact us for more information on pricing and how to get a customized system installed.

A roof-top solar panel system installed on your home or business will capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. RegenEn Solar will come to your place of business for a free evaluation and assess the angle and positioning of the roof, the square footage of the roof, shade cover, and potential design of the system.

Not only are you saving money on your utility bill, you can also sell electricity to your utility during days that the system is producing more power than you are using.

Recent Solar Installations

67.2 KW solar install at the Indianapolis Public Library, Indiana.

8.0 KW solar pergola, Louisville, KY.

25 KW solar install in Evansville, IN.


RegenEn Solar just finished our 54 panel installation. Excellent job on our house. The workers were professional and knowledgeable and cleaned up any mess immediately. Only one day delayed for very bad weather. They showed up ready to go when they promised to be here. They did exactly what we wanted and for the price we agreed upon. They walked us through the permit process step by step so we could start on schedule. We appreciated their attention to detail not just with the functionality but the appearance of the installation as well. Excellent job. We are so pleased with our net zero utility bill. Thank you Dan!.
- Collin King
We used this company a few years ago to install several solar panels on our roof. We're very happy with the work and our energy bill. It was a smooth process and I would recommend them. We've even hired them to install more.
- Wendy Marie
Awesome service and very knowledgeable staff they are hooking up our 30 garage mounted panels to be grid tied this week just in time for the dog days of summer and bye bye $200+ monthly electrical bills FOREVER! 😀 Call Dan he is the man!
- Bernie Ballard
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