solar panel cleaning

Panel Cleaning and Inspection

RegenEn Solar offers solar panel cleaning and inspection, which can improve the efficiency and output of your solar panels, and extend their life. We also offer battery inspection and maintenance which is critical to keep your system functioning optimally.

A solar panel system is a major investment. Panels spend their entire life in the elements, subject to all kinds of conditions. Whether it’s bird droppings, leaves or everyday grime, panels accumulate dirt that can diminish their ability to produce power for your home. Our deionized cleaning system gently cleanses you panels, restoring them to full power generating capacity, without causing damage that can void your warranty. Regular cleaning helps maintain the visual beauty of the panels as well.

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Benefits of solar

System Types

Grid Tie. Most common, 90% of installations are grid-tie (no batteries.) Allows for net-metering.

Grid Tie with battery backup. Provides power when grid goes down. Best option for silent, reliable, power production in times of grid outage.

Off Grid with battery backup. Best choice in remote areas. Less expensive than connecting to grid if installation is more than 1/4 mile from grid


Not only are you saving money on your utility bill, you can also sell electricity to your utility at the market rate during days that the system is producing more power than you are using. You can watch your meter spin backwards as the utility pays you!

Internet Monitoring Service

This “smart grid” technology is a great service that allows you to monitor the electricity production of your solar panel system on the internet. This monitoring service can also be set to send you an email alert if productivity declines. If the decrease in electricity is an ongoing problem, you can call RegenEn Solar and we will work with you to correct the problem.

The Systems Pays For Itself

A solar panel system not only eliminates your electric bill, it can also immediately add $20,000 to the value of your home.

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