Press Release: Partnership With GCCM Construction

RegenEn Solar Selected As Official Solar Installer For GCCM Construction Services
LOUISVILLE, KY – April 30, 2013 – GCCM Construction Services, a local homebuilder, has selected RegenEn Solar as the official solar installer for their LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified homes. The partnership will give local homebuyers the option to have a ‘net-zero’ energy home built that has no energy bill.

GCCM Construction Services’ LEED certified homes are built to be super energy efficient and have one-third the energy usage of the typical home. The solar panels will supply the remaining third of energy needs to get the home to ‘net-zero’. The energy efficient design and construction allows the solar panel systems to be smaller, less costly, and have a faster return on investment. To see a recent example of GCCM and RegenEn Solar’s collaboration, go to mygreenKYhome.comand sign up for an on-site tour of a ‘net-zero’ LEED home.
“We’re really excited about this partnership with a cutting edge homebuilder like GCCM,” said Dan Hofmann, President of RegenEn Solar. “Every new home built in the U.S. should be designed like this. It just makes sense financially and environmentally.”
“Adding solar panels to our energy efficient, healthy homes is a no-brainer. It allows the homeowner to lock in their electricity costs at around six cents per kilowatt-hour for the next fifty years,” said Sy Safi, Manager of GCCM Construction Services. “We are thrilled to be partnering with a local market leader in RegenEn Solar.”
About GCCM Construction Services, LLC
GCCM Construction Services LLC is a Construction Manager and General Contractor in commercial and residential construction. They are committed to building state-of-the-art residences that are good for people and good for the environment. They are a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council and have been in business since 2006 as a successor of Wally Construction, Inc.  Wally Construction has been successfully serving the Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana and Southwest Ohio construction needs for over 25 years.
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About RegenEn Solar LLC
RegenEn Solar LLC is located in Louisville, KY and is an installer of solar panel systems for commercial and residential applications. Launched in March of 2009, they have installed solar panel systems throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and South Carolina. RegenEn Solar is a registered Limited Liability Company with the commonwealth of Kentucky. Contact RegenEn Solar at 502-298-8160 or