Press Release: RegenEn Solar Expanding to Idaho Market

RegenEn Solar Expanding to Idaho Market
LOUISVILLE, KY – March 1, 2015 – RegenEn Solar LLC, a market leader in residential and commercial solar installations, announced today that the company is launching operations in Idaho this month.
The expansion will bring affordable solar energy to Idaho customers through RegenEn Solar’s extremely low prices, excellent customer service, and system-wide 25-year warranty. RegenEn Solar launched in 2009 in Louisville, KY and has installed over 3,000 solar panels. There is also a 30% Federal Tax Credit when you go solar that expires in December 2016.

A solar panel system installed at a home or business can eliminate a customer’s electric bill. RegenEn Solar will offer free, same-day estimates at or call 502-298-8160.
“People have asked why we’re expanding to the Idaho market,” said Dan Hofmann, President of RegenEn Solar. “The quick answer is this area is the most beautiful place in the country. I graduated from the University of Montana in 1998 and came back to Louisville, but I always wanted to get back out here. Now that business is flourishing this is a great time to expand. Additionally, the Idaho market is similar to Kentucky in that there aren’t a lot of state incentives for solar, the average sun-hours per day is the same, and the existing electric utility’s prices are lower than they are across the country. So, we think it will be a natural transition for us.”
About RegenEn Solar
RegenEn Solar LLC is headquartered in Louisville, KY with operations in Kentucky, Indiana, and Idaho and is an installer of solar panel systems for commercial and residential applications. RegenEn Solar is a registered Limited Liability Company with the commonwealth of Kentucky and the state of Idaho. Contact RegenEn Solar at 502-298-8160